Day 11... I was late today…Hold on guys, before you devour me! I had a long day… Been out since morning and came in around 5.I didn’t even rest, I carried my bag and zoomed out.I was so freaking tired but I had to go to work (man gats survive). I got in and after … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (11)



Day 10... Its not easy working in Lagos o! the endless traffic, the acidic abuses rained by drivers and passengers alike, the bad roads. You come out from a vehicle and it looks like your hip bone has dislocated cos the vehicle has entered multiple craters before you even get to your destination. I felt … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (10)


Day 4… ‘I am so late!’ I muttered as i walked briskly to the bus-stop to board 'keke'. Sadly, I wasn’t so lucky today. Unlike other days when I would always be the last person to board the popular tricycle, I was the first today. After waiting for 20 minutes for it to get filled … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (4)

4 Awesome Tips To Help You Leave A Toxic Relationship

You’ll know if you’re in a toxic relationship. Don’t lie to yourself. You’ll feel it. Trust your soul. If you still don’t know if you’re in a toxic relationship, let’s meet and talk and we’ll find out. That being said, how to get out?? Tip 1: Determine to get out. This is half the battle, … Continue reading 4 Awesome Tips To Help You Leave A Toxic Relationship


She doesn't still recollect that we have met before. Maybe after this brief intro,the memories of that day would become clear in her head. I was one of the executives of the student union government (SUG) in the medical school. Yes, i know what is running through your mind, 'the ALUTA people', well, to put your judgmental … Continue reading THE MOVING TRAIN…

Calculate Ovulation in 1, 2, 3 easy steps: Correctly and Accurately!!

Ovulation is the release of egg from the ovaries. It is one part of the female menstrual cycle when a mature ovarian de Graaf's follicle which is part of the ovary discharges an egg, also known as an ovum or the oocyte. After ovulation, during the luteal phase, the egg travels down the fallopian tube … Continue reading Calculate Ovulation in 1, 2, 3 easy steps: Correctly and Accurately!!

The silent killer: HYPERTENSION 

Living on this planet can get very tasking and demanding. Everything seems to be on the move! In this part of the world, we now practically live the western lifestyle. Couple that with a lack of awareness (or indifference), to the possible complications of that lifestyle and the stress and pressures of work, school, and … Continue reading The silent killer: HYPERTENSION 

Abortion: Facts you should know.

As a doctor, I get a lot of requests from a large number of women (and men!) to prescribe medication or schedule time for a procedure to terminate pregnancy known as abortion. Due to the increase of unwanted pregnancy among the general population, I am writing this as a public service. Almost 80 million unwanted … Continue reading Abortion: Facts you should know.


​                  !!!WRITERS NEEDED!!!  Do you have a deep passion for writing? Do you have indepth knowledge on physical health or mental health issues?  Are you a good relationship counselor and you can write about that?  Are you a motivational writer, a creative writer or a fiction writer?  … Continue reading WRITERS NEEDED!!!!