Day 41... I arrived work to meet a pandemonium! Nurses running upandan, everywhere looking upside down, the front desk people were not left behind, they were making calls as if something was about to happen. No one seemed to even notice when I got in. Anyway, I went into my office and I had hardly … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (Finale)


Day 40... The way the week runs ehn! You go think say thief dey pursue am! You go to bed on Monday night, you wake up and its Thursday! I like it sha, end of the month is coming*grins I came into work, my normal self, anticipating some work for the evening and anticipating the … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (40)


Day 39... I opened the door to my office and a call came in ( I think the call came in before I opened the door, no! as I was opening the door… abeg anyhow!). Caller: ‘Hello Geooooeeeerrggge!’*sobbing Me: ‘Babes, kilonshele?’ Caller: ‘Have you received text?’ Me: ‘Text? Which text?’ Caller: ‘HOUSE JOB TEXT! They … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (39)


Day 38... I was late to work today. I had some other ‘hustule’ I had to catch up with. Thankfully there were no patients when I came in.. I went into my office and settled down to catch my breath. The soothing breeze from the AC blew my big head making me feel at ease. … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (38)


Day 37... I got to work today  in no particular mood. It was the 1st day of a new week so I came in refreshed from the weekend and ready to work. On getting to my office, I met my colleague on the afternoon shift, he was about to attend to a pregnant woman (the … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (37)


Day 36... ‘I love Wednesdays!’ Antenatal days seems to be my favorite days in the hospital. Seeing pregnant women, examining their unborn child(ren), seeing the pure, undiluted ecstasy on their faces as their baby kicks and even calming them down as the anxiety of childbearing sets in, it gets me all excited. I came into … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (36)


Day 35... Today was a regular day. Nothing spectacular.i was indoors till evening when I left for work. I came into work and first person I met was the front desk lady who said, ‘Doctor, you came early today o’. I looked at the time, ‘shey eleyi ti ya were shaaa ni? Are you just … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (35)


Day 33... ‘Who says you cannot wear native on a weekday?’ I came to work on a Tuesday, looking all Friday. ‘Ahhh, Doctor!you wore native!’ the front desk lady said with all smiles, 'Noooo! It is suit I wore!’ I responded and went into the office. I settled down and started listening to the radio, … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (33)


Day 32... New day, New feel, New looks! I don’t know why, but I really wanted to look dashing today. It's not like there's any lady I suddenly came across at work ooo, but it had been so long since I wore a starched shirt, well tucked in, on nice, well-ironed pants, sleeves neatly folded, … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (32)


Day 31... Lol! The devil is a liar! Why is it that anytime I decide to go to work early that is when something will come up. It is either I meet an old friend or I jam food, or one sweet gist will come up. I am not understanding. Anyway, Today was a funny … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (31)