The silent killer: HYPERTENSION 

Living on this planet can get very tasking and demanding. Everything seems to be on the move! In this part of the world, we now practically live the western lifestyle. Couple that with a lack of awareness (or indifference), to the possible complications of that lifestyle and the stress and pressures of work, school, and … Continue reading The silent killer: HYPERTENSION 


Suicide Spotlight. 

Telling people who show suicidal intentions that they will go to hell after committing suicide, is not a particularly sensible form of dissuasion. Perhaps, the most religious guidance counsellors out there would in fact tell you that nothing drives people closer to suicide than verbal condemnations and/or false prophetic banishment to a world worse than … Continue reading Suicide Spotlight. 

Abortion: Facts you should know.

As a doctor, I get a lot of requests from a large number of women (and men!) to prescribe medication or schedule time for a procedure to terminate pregnancy known as abortion. Due to the increase of unwanted pregnancy among the general population, I am writing this as a public service. Almost 80 million unwanted … Continue reading Abortion: Facts you should know.

10 health boosting facts about masturbation, and why it is good for you!

Recently, I received a message from a lady who's husband has been away from home for a very long time. At the time of his leaving, she had been pregnant and they were not having a lot of sex due to concerns about how it would affect the baby. Her husband travelled before she put … Continue reading 10 health boosting facts about masturbation, and why it is good for you!

Day 6. No sex before marriage. Oyinloluwa Adeyemi-Levites. 

Hi, my name is Oyinloluwa Adeyemi-Levites. I am an advocate of "no sex before marriage ". My husband and I courted for 3 years. That was a long time to court someone you love so much that it tends to create tempting moments. We used to see about 3-4 days per week. So it was … Continue reading Day 6. No sex before marriage. Oyinloluwa Adeyemi-Levites. 


​                  !!!WRITERS NEEDED!!!  Do you have a deep passion for writing? Do you have indepth knowledge on physical health or mental health issues?  Are you a good relationship counselor and you can write about that?  Are you a motivational writer, a creative writer or a fiction writer?  … Continue reading WRITERS NEEDED!!!! 

Day 5. Sylvester Edobor. Love is Commitment. 

This is me talking heart to heart with you. I am tired of seeing  broken hearts and shattered dreams everywhere. Love is a promise. It's a promise you make to a partner to share, to build up, to see all the faults and choose them over and again. We however conveniently forget that a  promise … Continue reading Day 5. Sylvester Edobor. Love is Commitment. 

Beyoncé’s pregnancy: All the drama so far and lessons learned. 

It's so beautiful to announce to the world that you're having bundles of joy during a month infused with love, romance, beauty and all the drama they bring. Even more beautiful than the actual announcement is that the blessing is times two! As a mum, I'm happy for any woman to experience all the joys and pleasure of … Continue reading Beyoncé’s pregnancy: All the drama so far and lessons learned. 

Day 3. TBOG.  Emotional Promiscuity Vs True Love. 

Emotional Promiscuity is the ability of a man (or woman)  to lead the "victim" on into thinking there's hope for a more concrete relationship while enjoying the benefits of being in a relationship even though there's officially nothing on ground to suggest they're in a relationship. *sigh*.... 

Day 2. RESPECT. Cynthia Valerian Raphaels

Love is not all that is need in a healthy relationship. Other factors like trust, fidelity, and respect play equally large roles. Often times people forget those other factors and focus on the rush of the in-love feeling. This can be very damaging as disrespect in a relationship can totally annihilate a person's self-worth,  and … Continue reading Day 2. RESPECT. Cynthia Valerian Raphaels