The silent killer: HYPERTENSION 

Living on this planet can get very tasking and demanding. Everything seems to be on the move! In this part of the world, we now practically live the western lifestyle. Couple that with a lack of awareness (or indifference), to the possible complications of that lifestyle and the stress and pressures of work, school, and … Continue reading The silent killer: HYPERTENSION 


Suicide Spotlight. 

Telling people who show suicidal intentions that they will go to hell after committing suicide, is not a particularly sensible form of dissuasion. Perhaps, the most religious guidance counsellors out there would in fact tell you that nothing drives people closer to suicide than verbal condemnations and/or false prophetic banishment to a world worse than … Continue reading Suicide Spotlight. 

Abortion: Facts you should know.

As a doctor, I get a lot of requests from a large number of women (and men!) to prescribe medication or schedule time for a procedure to terminate pregnancy known as abortion. Due to the increase of unwanted pregnancy among the general population, I am writing this as a public service. Almost 80 million unwanted … Continue reading Abortion: Facts you should know.


​                  !!!WRITERS NEEDED!!!  Do you have a deep passion for writing? Do you have indepth knowledge on physical health or mental health issues?  Are you a good relationship counselor and you can write about that?  Are you a motivational writer, a creative writer or a fiction writer?  … Continue reading WRITERS NEEDED!!!! 

Dear Doctor,  I missed my period…. Am I pregnant? 

  There are a number of possible reasons for what you're feeling, including the stress and anxiety of not seeing your period, an ectopic pregnancy and hormonal disturbances. I suggest you go to the lab for an ultrasound scan to actually see the contents of your uterus. I feel you want to be pregnant so let's … Continue reading Dear Doctor,  I missed my period…. Am I pregnant? 


And the insults! That woman can abuse somebody sha. What name hasn’t she called me? “See your head like cockroach, “ she’d said to me. “To read and pass exams na wahala for you, but you have no problems watching super story on TV or Africa Magic on DSTV. Olodo. Coconut head. No brain, only water inside. Those girls making their families proud, passing JAMB up and down have ten heads abi? If you don’t want me to pounce on you and crack that coconut you pretend is a head to pieces, you will stand up from this parlor and go read your books! You haven’t earned the right to watch TV. You should be glad I even gave you food!”

Confessions from my closet.

I'm taking this time to empty my closet, my mind. I think I'm mad. Very mad. Not that naked, living-on-the-street kind, with dirty hair and unintelligible speech. Not the type deserving of institutionalization (Yes, I do know some big words!), though I sometimes think I am. I talk to myself a lot. Entire conversations. I … Continue reading Confessions from my closet.

Stupid Sheeple.

So I was reading through the comments section of a blog I follow and this lady called people who just follow the crowd, allowing themselves to be herded like sheep and refusing to think for themselves sheeple. I found it so apt I couldn't resist writing about it. I don't know if she coined it … Continue reading Stupid Sheeple.