Day 25…

The thing about not seeing patients for a long period of time is that by the time they start coming in their droves, you become ‘patient-rusty’.


Exactly how I felt as I stepped out to work. I have spent the last few days playing solitaire at work, yes you read right, SOLITAIRE! At the height of my boredom expedition at work one of those days, I just randomly checked the PC and I came across the game. One thing led to another and I got hooked. So on my way to work, I expected today to be like the others, no patients, just solitaire. By the way, I was looking like a ‘snack’! It was a Friday, I just felt like slaying so I went for one of my bespoke traditional wears and almost ‘almost’! threw a cap on but I didn’t want staff and patients  wondering if I was going for a political rally so I dropped it. I got lots of compliments, nodding heads & smiling faces. I got into my office and as expected, there was no work so I went into my solitaire mode (Oga wasn’t around). That game tough shaaaa! After failed attempts at winning, I moved to reading a political book written by Late Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu (amazing book by the way), I was on this till the front desk officer came to my office, ‘There’s a patient here to see you’, My heart skipped a beat. ‘Issallover’ I said, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to handle the case cos it felt like ‘years’ since I last saw a patient. I nodded, ‘Tell her to come in’, she did, holding in her hand the result of a test she had done earlier. I collected it, looked at it and with surprise on my face, raised my face gradually to look at her, ‘Why were you told to do the tests’ I asked, ‘ I was having issues breathing and I was feeling hot from inside’ she answered, I was still confused, so I asked, ‘are you sure? Cos from the results I have, the values are normal, nothing is wrong with you’, I proceeded to asking, ‘Ok ma, why did you come to the hospital in the 1st place?’ All she told me pointed to asthma, which got me even more befuddled, ‘so why was she told to do FBC, Widals, FBS & MP?’ I asked myself and then I realized (something I have gotten to find out on my hustules in the street), a lot of private hospitals knowingly or unknowingly  place premium on making money and the staff do all they can to get the money out of the patients pocket. To be sure, I retook the history asking all necessary questions and it all pointed to asthma. I counseled her, prescribed drugs to her and she left. Some minutes later, the bully nurse came in, ‘did you see the results?’ She asked, ‘yes I did, they are normal’ I replied sternly, ‘didn’t you notice the malaria and typhoid strains? She asked, ‘I did, but it wasn’t in any way affecting her. Besides, her most important issue right now is her asthma issues, I guess you didn’t notice that’ I responded. It was fast becoming a back and forth talk and I knew what she was trying to do, bully ‘baby doctor’,  I wasn’t going to have any of that today, ‘Add IM ACT, Ciprox’ she said as she walked out, I ignored her. At this point, I was getting pissed. Thankfully it was time to go, I packed up and as I was stepping into the waiting area, our eyes ‘jammed’…and I stepped out.



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