Day 22…

Big week guyyyysss! 2 days out of the 7 represented milestones for me and I really reaaally wished I didn’t have to go to work all week but then, a man has to hustule…

I got to work today with the place being empty and the cool breeze from the AC tickling my skin. I went into my office and settled down. As I tried going through case files, I heard voices from ‘za oda room’ , Gist and gossip yet again, that’s what happens when Oga isn’t around; they all gather, the female staff and they start talking, ”one patient this…one patient that”…smh! I went upstairs to the nurses station to find out the patients on admission, thankfully I found a ‘working’ nurse who told me about a woman who just delivered via CS and was having cough, I went to her room, examined her and told her I’d come back for her (I doubt I ever did). I went back to my office and as soon as I sat down, a patient’s mother rushed in, complaining about her son’s unending abdominal pain. I had to rush upstairs again (as I was the only doctor on ground), 2nd floor (better exercise*phew), I asked questions, carried out an abdominal exam and as soon as I was done, the nurse came in with painkillers to administer to him. I went back to the office to check his medical records.As soon as I sat down, a patient came in (the young hypertensive guy), ‘Omooo, no rest today o’ I said in my mind as I greeted him with the faintest of smiles.  He came with complaints that came across as malaria, but you know the thing with ‘educated’ people, they just talk till they start going ‘off tangent’, so he started talking about his symptoms and went off into AC, Future plans, corn and all sorts, as he went on and on, in my mind I was like ‘can you just sharrap already!’ . The best solution was to discharge him ASAP and discharge I did. ‘thank you lord!’ I said as soon as he left. Hardly had he left than the next patient came in and as he came in, he brought with him a truck load of memories; he had cerebral palsy. His mother and sister brought him. ‘What’s wrong with him’ I asked, ‘he has pains around his lower right quadrant’ the sister answered. I looked at her a little startled, ‘are you a Medical Doctor?’ I asked her, ‘I’m a clinical anatomist’ she smiled as she replied. I asked more questions surrounding the pain and all responses pointed to appendicitis. ‘I knew it doctor, I just wanted a second opinion’ she said.. after examining the abdomen, I sent him for tests and prescribed pain killers. They thanked me and left.

‘it is finished’ I muttered as I left for home.


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