Day 21…

It was a new week and I was feeling ‘new and refreshed’. I resumed work today early and in good spirits. I got into my office and after listening to radio (my routine once there’s nothing to do), I started watching movies (I’m not a movie person so anything that will make me watch a movie, it means that I’m boringly bored). I saw the movie for about an hour before the 1st patient came in; a young lady who came in with some unusual complaints; she complained of bad breath for over a year. Now this is not the one we know of o, this one comes every 2 months, each episode lasting for 1-2 days and then it disappears! She also complained of foul-smelling menses (like really foul smelling) every month for the past 1 year . I didn’t even bother bringing out my guide, there is no help that will come from that angle. ‘I don enter am today’ I thought as I tried logging into the system. For a split second, I thought of referring her to Oga, ‘This one pass my head’ I said to myself. I went to Oga’s office, sadly he wasn’t around. ‘I am stuck’ I said to myself with ‘my minds hand on my minds head’ as I walked back to the office. I couldn’t even browse,( I’m sure network in the Sahara will be stronger than the one in my office). The patient was in front of me, I had to do something. I tried to be calm, and I listened to all of her story, ‘Maybe I’d be able to pick something that will lead me to the possible cause’ I thought as I listened. For her 2nd complaint, something came out, she had previously had a D & E (Dilatation & Evacuation) done some 2 years back, I held on to that like I was holding on for my life from the top of a cliff! Loool (I mean! half bread is better that none), I didn’t exactly know if it was the cause but I asked questions around it. After exhausting all possible questions, I requested her to do an USS, ‘lets even know whats going on in there’ and then I prescribed antacids for the intermittent bad breath (looking at it from the angu that there might be some digestion issues going on, you guys please let me know your view abeg). For the 1st time since I started work, I actually didn’t know if I was making the right move. ‘I am just going to watch and see how things play out’ i thought. She left sha… I went back to my movies. 20 minutes to my closing time, another patient came in; a pregnant woman with her child, ‘Nawa o, which kind late-coming be this?’ I said to myself as I greeted her. The woman is Ibo, with that thick, characteristic Igbo accent . She complained of symptoms suggestive of malaria. I asked all the necessary questions surrounding her pregnancy and her symptoms (luckily for me, she came for ANC the previous day). As we were talking, her phone rang, her husband was calling,She picked , ‘Nkem…’ she called him and they went off talking. At the mention of that pet name, I smiled (That name brings lots of memories, my favorite pet name. I’m even smiling goofy as I write this.looool). After she was done, I prescribed antimalarial drugs for her, she thanked me and left. As soon as she left, I got ready to leave. (I don’t want to trek again abeg, when I’m not training for Olympic walk)

P.S: There’s nothing you will not see in Lagos. Imagine 6 people in one keke (nobody lapping o). Don’t ask me how we managed to make it happen. I sha got my destination safely .

For our international readers who do not know what ‘keke’ *in British accent is lol

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