Day 19…

If I came in yesterday exhausted, I came in today ‘utterly worn out’!. I literally dragged myself to the hospital. The moment I came in, everyone asked ‘Doctor, are you ok?’ ‘Yes, I am just tired’, I replied with a little smile on my face. As I walked to the office, I met one of the nurses, ‘There is a CS about to start now doc’ she said, ‘Ehennn, ok’ I replied and entered my office. ‘I might be very tired but there’s no way I’m missing this!’ I said in my mind as I changed into my scrubs (it is as if I knew that something would happen today as I put my scrubs in my bag). I went to the theatre and as I entered, the nurses looked at me and smiled (I didn’t wear scrubs yesterday, so I guess they were surprised). As I was helping Oga set up instruments, one of the nurses came in, ‘Dr.George, there are some patients around’. ‘Ooooooho!’ I said in my mind as I left the theatre. I came to the office still on my scrubs (I wont lie, I looked fresh…like all those Greys Anatomy doctors esp Derek*winks). I saw a pregnant woman who happened to be a nurse who came in for antenatal and complained of vaginal discharge, same thing I said yesterday started to play out; that ‘I know all you know’ syndrome.she was making my job very difficult for me, I will say A she will say B-Z, at some point I had to tell her, ‘there’s a reason why you came to the hospital to see me instead of solving the issues yourself’.She calmed down and I completed my checks, sent her for checks and prescribed drugs. During this whole consultation, the 2nd person who wanted to see me kept opening the door, complaining, grumbling that I was taking too long. I went out a couple of times to tell her to be calm & patient but it didn’t help. I finally finished with the woman I was seeing and as soon as she stepped out, the ‘grumbling patient’ stormed in, and started complaining, about how I took so long and how she left her child alone at home blab bla bla. I waited for her to finish, told her to close the door she left  open and said to her,‘I am sorry for the delay, but if you were the one I was seeing, would you want me to rush you?’ ‘Ehnn, doctor is nor like that, I won’t want you to rush me but I have been here since na….’ before she finished I interjected, ‘no vex ma, now you are here, can we begin?’ I attended to her; abdominal pain which turned out to be PUD (Peptic Ulcer Disease, she had being previously diagnosed), I prescribed drugs and she left. As soon as she left, I came out to check if there were any more patients, none.’i’m done for today’ I said as I packed my bag to leave, I was just too exhausted to stay back, ‘my tiredness was tired’!



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