Day 17…

I have gotten so in tune with working that my body has even adapted. So I went out earlier in the day (had an amazing time out by the way, don’t ask for details), came back and still carried my tired self to work. What can a man do? ‘Man gats hustule’.

I got in determined to put the tiredness aside and ‘save lives’ but the World Cup match that was about to kick off (England vs Colombia)drew me in. As there were no patients to see na, I sat down (All work and no play…complete the rest). As the match got more interesting, I began to hope and pray that no one interrupts my flow. Prayer answered was almost reaching 100% and then…a patient entered!Guess when? 87th minute! OK, ‘maybe the match is almost over, let’s just get to work’ I thought as I walked wearily to the office. I’d have to admit, the patient or better put ‘patients’ were cute! A set of twins, some months old with their young parents (I love children!*crying). They came in with a fever, they had done FBC & MP and brought the results for review and treatment. The results were literally same save for some digits change (another really adorable thing). They apparently had malaria so I gave them drug prescription. As I stepped out to the waiting area (just to hear post match analysis), I heard it was 1-1! I was vexed! Apart from the fact that I was supporting England, I was pissed that they(Colombia) waited for me to go before they scored! Anyway, I sat down and started watching extra-time, ‘better late than never’ I thought. 2nd half extra time, with scores still at 1-1,my eyes glued to the TV with an impending penalty shootout close, the next patient entered*crying, ’why did she enter now na’? Penalty was close by and I was probably going to miss it with this patient I was going to see . I tried playing delay tactics but kolewerk.

See me running 100m with my clerking! In mind I was like “I cannor miss this penarity”, but mehnnn no way.she kept on listing symptoms upon symptoms.In my mind I was hoping that FIFA will consider a loyal fan like me and delay the penarity shoot out by 10 minutes. (very foolish right?*laughs). By the time I ‘speedily’ completed everything, sent her investigations and wrote drugs for her and I dashed out to the waiting area, I met the nurses watching African Magic Ibo! ‘Chai!’ I went back in, jejely packed my bag and looked at my watch…10.10pm.You know what that means right? Anyway, I got back home by ‘past 11’, tired and ‘Huangry’

God bless Nigeria!

4 thoughts on “THE LOCUM DIARIES (17)

  1. The only thing that concerns me is the “amazing time out”… If you no wan give us complete gist why you con mention am?? Now amebo don’t dey hungry me shaaaa.

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