Day 16…

The weather was cold and chilled, it had rained all day and I think the skies just decided to take a break around the period I left for work. ‘This weather is not a work weather o’ I thought but it was too late to turn back, I was already at the gate. I got into my office and with no patient to see,I  proceeded to listening to radio while going through case files of patients. After about an hour or so, I stepped out to see what was happening, Oga was around. I went in and watched as he finalized discharge papers for a patient, the old man who came in some days ago with high BP. ‘Have you seen baba today’ Oga asked me.Thankfully,his case was one of those I looked at earlier, ‘Yes sir, I saw him earlier this evening’ (abi na, or did I lie?*winks). After he was done, he updated the case files. ‘Sir, the woman we induced for labour, has she delivered?’ I asked,big mistake. ‘So you haven’t seen her today’.

‘Shet!’ i don fam.

‘You should see the patients when you come in, so you know what cases are on ground. She has delivered, and we even induced another woman who delivered 45 minutes ago’. ‘Oh nooooo! Not again! I was around naaa’. I left the office. I was disappointed with myself, ‘guy!you were around naaa’ I went upstairs to the nurses station where I met the ‘gisty’ nurse, ‘I didn’t know that the woman we induced had delivered o’ I said. ‘yes ooo, she delivered around 3am in the morning’ she replied. ‘and I didn’t know there was another delivery this evening, I have been around naaa’ I said sadly .‘I no know oooo, we deliver the woman by 6’ she responded ‘I was around naaaa, why you no find me’ I was literally crying in my mind, ‘I couldn’t come up cos I was the only doctor on ground’ I said to her. Then I remembered!she owes me gist! ‘so what happened to the doctor that was sacked’ I asked (no time to waste time) and she told me… ‘Omoooooo the guy messed up big time!’ I said (I’m not telling you the gist, shey you were yabbing me that I like gist,amebo!). I went back to Oga’s office. As soon as I had taken my position he asked ‘So, what have you learnt over the last one month with us?’ I listed all I had learnt, we talked about it, he gave me tips on how to be a better doctor than he is (so cool) and closed for the night. It was time to go too.‘let me  go and enjoy whats left of the weather’



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