Day 13…


‘It’s a big day!’

I rushed to the bus-stop to enter ‘keke’. The match was to start by 7pm but I didn’t want to even miss the TV adverts loool. On my way, I was already anticipating and imagining how the match will go; ‘Its going to be a 2-2 draw, So Messi will draw first blood,(as he no dey use eye see 9ja), then Our own Messi Musa will equalize…We will sha still qualify’.These thoughts filled me with so much excitement that I almost missed my bus-stop. ‘Owa ooo!’ I shouted and alighted. ‘God, please I know you called me to save lives, but please let there be no lives to save over the next 2 hours God, for the sake of this match.’ I muttered as I entered the hospital. As I entered into the waiting area, the whole place was clear, apart from those who were waiting for the pre-match commentary. ‘Thank you Lord, please complete the good work you have started Lord’ I said in my mind as I walked to my office.Oga was around. ‘thank God, even if there is any patient, Oga will see them…not me!’. I listened to the pre-match analysis on radio before going out to the waiting area for the match. The place was packed full; all the staff, predominantly women had come out to watch the match, I and the security guard were the only guys there. The women were just analyzing what I couldn’t comprehend. Anyway, I just found a comfortable spot, sat down and waited for the match to start. ‘We die here!’ I muttered as the match was about to start.

Match was underway. 5 minutes into the match, the lab scientist (yes, the same lab scientist!) ran out of her office into the waiting area, wailing on how ‘match started without her’, ‘Match started without you, who are you?’ I thought as I gave her my side eye and continued watching the match. She walked up to me and asked…smh…she asked ‘Have they sung the national anthem?’, 5 minutes into the match! Can you imagine! ‘No ooo, they are waiting for halftime to come before they sing it!’…I really wished I had replied her appropriately but I was focused on the match so I said that in my mind. During the match, this women were just shouting anyhow! From ‘blood of Jesus’ to ‘what number is Mikel wearing?’. For heaven sake, can’t you see it? Can’t you?! Then at some point, they were just analyzing match ‘see how Moses is passing the ball, when he will not go for training, see his head’ ‘Kini gbogbo rubbish yiii na!’ I thought as I struggled to follow the match. From time to time, with every missed opportunity they would scream and break into prayers, imagine 10 women screaming at the same time for nothing…I was just livid ‘Abeeeg naaaa!’ I said on one occasion and they started laughing ,’did I crack joke ni?’. Omooo, this noise continued o, I had no choice but to manage… The winning goal came and damn!…It was a sweet goal I won’t lie rynow*in Lasisi’s voice but e pain me shaaaa. After all said and done, the match ended and I had to carry myself back to my office and prepare for home. I felt so heavy with sadness but I was relieved to have left those women!

P.S: God answered my prayers by the way. Looool!







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