4 Awesome Tips To Help You Leave A Toxic Relationship

You’ll know if you’re in a toxic relationship.

Don’t lie to yourself. You’ll feel it. Trust your soul.

If you still don’t know if you’re in a toxic relationship, let’s meet and talk and we’ll find out.

That being said, how to get out??

Tip 1: Determine to get out.

This is half the battle, making up your mind to leave. I will not deceive you, this is a nerve-racking experience.

Just stick with your decision and at least the first step will be done.

Tip 2: Tell your partner you’re leaving. Be firm. Hold fast. Don’t allow anything they say change your mind. Don’t be swayed by emotional blackmail. Don’t be bribed or bought over with gifts. They’re toxic. Detoxify. Leave.

Tip 3: Tell your support system you got out.

They will hold you when your cry or hold your hair when you get drunk trying to forget and end up eviscerating (that’s far worse than vomiting) on the floor of a bar toilet.

They will hold you accountable so you don’t go back and they will remind you of why you left if you get nostalgic and start forgetting the horror you got out from.

Tip 4: Never look back.

Remember Lot’s wife in the Bible?

She died because she looked back. She didn’t even GO back, she only LOOKED.

Don’t even look back.

Just keep moving.

It won’t be long till reminiscing stops hurting and you heal and go on to lead a wonderful life.

Just leave. You’re worth more. You deserve better. You are beautiful.

Keep telling yourself that.

Dr Sade.


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