She doesn’t still recollect that we have met before. Maybe after this brief intro,the memories of that day would become clear in her head.

I was one of the executives of the student union government (SUG) in the medical school. Yes, i know what is running through your mind, ‘the ALUTA people’, well, to put your judgmental minds at rest… Ours was ‘tusher’,*winks, no one does it better than medical students*grins. Back to the story, (enough of the shoulder pads)! So as i was saying, I was not just an exco, i was in charge of one the important aspects of student life, WELFARE and everything in between (including allocating and assigning business spaces in our SUG complex).Big right?

So sometime (one sunny afternoon like that) in March 2016, i was called to the office by my VP, he told me that someone was waiting for me. ‘All these people disturbing my life’ ,i muttered as i walked to the office. On getting to the office, i met this lady, fiery-eyed (you’d probably think someone stole a favourite barbie doll), a young boy, restlessly cute and a girl (who i figured should be the maid). The following convo transpired…

Me: Good afternoon ma (with customer care kinda smiles)

Lady: Good afternoon…So you are the welfare secretary we have been waiting for*straight-faced

Me: Yes ma, i am *still smiling

Lady: I hear you are the one in charge of giving spaces in this complex, i need a space for my business… I……

Wait oooo, lookatew all…you want to hear gist…loooooool…..nahhhhhh!

Basically, she promised that she would not let me be until she got her space. Things did not exactly work out as she planned (she did not terrorize me as much and she didn’t get the space, don’t ask why). That was my 1st encounter with this amazon…

Fastfoward to 2017, a very crucial year for me, a year in which my future path and choices, career wise would be clearer. A year i decided i was going to spend investing in myself and preparing myself for the outside world as i would be finishing medical school innabit*winks. So in the pursuance of the above stated goals, i joined THE NIGERIAN CHILD INITIATIVE (TNCI) (y’all should check TNCI online, great work we are doing!) as a volunteer. I quickly got into the action, trying to make myself useful (as usual), taking up assignments. In one of the assignments i picked, (interacting with secondary school students of my Alma mater on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS) i needed more helping hands and on our whatsapp group, someone indicated interest to join me, user name: DR FOLASHADE ALAGBADA… The name rang a bell, i didn’t just know from where the ‘ringing’ came from. Anyway, we started chatting and planning our next line of action. All the while,i was trying to decode the identity of this lady (i probably checked your dp 5 times everyday,lol). The first day we spoke over the phone, i confirmed my doubts; you were the lady that threatened me in the office some months back! You displayed your fiery part again that day though (UBER messed me up, i am sorry…loool)

And here we are, colleagues, teammates, work partners, friends, BIG SISTER-small brother kinda stuff. Because of you, i started doing something i was not exactly sure i had flair for…WRITING and i am loving it! If i could say JUST ONE THING i have learnt from you, ONE THING that you constantly show and demonstrate (i noticed it the day you were at the office and it was clear in your post), is that will, that drive, NEVER TO GIVE UP, until you get what you want. The persevering spirit! It is a very beautiful trait, especially in this part of the world *lol. The way you channel your drive and will into the things and people you love is just amazing, your work, your family…lovely! I am privileged to have met you, I am privileged to be working with you, I am privileged to be on this project with you and i  i know that with God on your side, you are going to higher grounds.

download (1)

Happy Birthday to the trailblazer, the show stopper…the moving train! God be with you always!

Enough of the ‘mushiness’, back to my books…i have an ‘end of posting’ exam to prepare for..

P.S: This post should have been out hours ago but then, network is such a killjoy! On behalf of the ‘SHADES OF HEALTH‘ team, i apologise profusely to our ardent readers for the ‘not so fluid’ release of health,life and love content. We assure you all that we will be dropping ‘haute sturvs’ from now onwards…WATCH THIS SPACE!

P.S.S:If you love good work,if you love hard-work,if you have benefited in any way from our various channels(blog,instagram,twitter,facebook,whatsappeven 2go!),PLEASE SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT! Details are in the previous post…

God bless you as you help us help people.



2 thoughts on “THE MOVING TRAIN…

  1. You touched me by this post! I can’t even tell you enough how much I feel. God bless you so much. What you might not know is that you inspire me everyday. You work harder for me, and the team, making me feel lazy sef sometimes! Soooooo, I remember now and I will terrorize you till I get my space. I love you George!


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