How you can help me help people. 

I was raised by my mother after my father died when I was about 8 years old. I have not had such an easy life. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, although I wasn’t born poor. What I was born with is a passion to help people through medicine. I can’t remember wanting to be something else, or not wanting to become a doctor. I had all I needed to make that happen. My mother made sure of that. She made sure I learned to love reading. I read everything I find. 

I finished secondary school a little over age 13, and got into the university to study medicine at about 15. I got into the wrong clique and before I knew it, I had to leave that school and start again in a different university. I learned how to chase my dreams all over again. I had to grow. I learned how to focus. I learned how not to stay down after failure. I learned how to pick my friends better. 

My mother was so upset and disappointed when I left my first school that she refused to pay my school fees this time around. She said I didn’t deserve to be a doctor anymore, that I had wasted my chance and she would rather spend her resources training my brothers, since I didn’t do well. She procured forms for school of nursing for me, I declined. I had to leave home and go live with an aunt, and then I enrolled in remedial classes to brush up my knowledge. I learned how to insist on making my dreams come true. I learned how to not be proud, and beg for help. I learned the importance of a support system. I learned that I had to take charge of my life. I learned how hard it is to make your dreams come true, how hard it is for people to believe in you, after failing.

I was lucky, I had an uncle who helped me out from time to time, and I also had to do little trades in school to make ends meet. I learned to be resilient. I had to go to Cotonou to get things to sell, and still make it in Medical School, because this was my last chance. I had to learn to give my all to succeed. I learned the true meaning of determination. I cannot count how many times I cried myself to sleep.

While in school, I met my husband. He became my support system. Trying to get married became another hurdle. His mother didn’t like me, because I’m too educated. They said being a doctor made me too proud. He insisted on marrying me, but we had to do it in court. I learned that not everybody will like you, and they don’t even have to have a reason not to. I learned that you always have to make the best of every circumstance you find yourself in. I learned that love isn’t always enough. I learned to stay where I was wanted, no just tolerated. I learned to love and pray for myself and for others even when they’re actively doing all that they humanly can to hurt me. Marriage has taught me some of the hardest lessons of all.

I became a mother to the most amazing little boy in 2014. He’s a blessing, a light in my heart. Having him and loving him made me realize I had to be the best version possible of myself. I realized that I had to live a life worthy of emulation; I had to be there for him. I realized that I might never become a surgeon, as I always thought, and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing because it meant I would raise my kids, and still find a way to help people with my medical knowledge. 

After medical school, I had a problem getting placement for my housemanship. I started counselling people, and offering to help treat minor things in my area, and online. All the lessons I had learned personally in my life, the lessons I learned from reading books, and the lessons I learned from the wealth of experience of wonderful people like my mother and my mentors started paying off, as I was able to talk people through complex relationship issues, get them help for domestic or sexual violence, mentor struggling students, give advice to married people to improve their emotional and physical relationships with their partners, give counsel to couples on genetic compatibility as examples. Becoming a doctor only intensified my passion to help, and I see there’s so much to be done. I have taken courses and read volumes on psychiatry and psychotherapy and now I know what I want for my future.
In late January, I created the Instagram page @doctor_sade. I offer relationship counselling, talk therapy, and medical advice. I’m trying to offer medical and psychological assistance as necessary to people who send private direct messages(DMs). It has been great, and every day my team and I help over 50 people. The blog answers medical questions in-depth and also links visitors to healthcare providers. There is a smartphone application were working on, as we hope to grow and reach more people. In addition, I have founded a Non-Governmental Organization called Center for Health and Morals, so I can further help people. I am putting all of me and all I have into doing this. We still need a lot of help. 

This is a movement, and it is growing and is now beyond me, and my immediate support group. We have secured an office space; it needs furniture so feel free to donate. More importantly, we have secured a space for a monthly seminar, where we can meet with people and they can ask their questions and get answers. There will be professionals who can offer expert solutions on diverse topics from sexual violence and domestic violence to mental health awareness, suicide prevention and other such important topics. We want to help people on a larger scale and we need your help to do so. We need donations and volunteers. You might not be able to help every single person, but together we can create enough awareness and help a lot of people. There is no donation too small.

To partner with us on this project, please send your donations to Alagbada Folasade Faith GTBank 0151793551, or .
For more enquiries, please send an email to

Today is my birthday. All I want, all I wish for is your support. If I have ever helped you, if you believe in the work, in this dream, and you believe I can help others. Prove it. Join me to help others. There are millions of people we can reach if we partner together. I have opened myself to you, all that I am. I hope this touches you and means something to you, as it means everything to me. 
Thank you and God bless you. 


3 thoughts on “How you can help me help people. 

  1. To think that i was about putting up something for you…!The spirit is working!
    Happy Birthday Dr Folashade, the moving train, the trailblazer, the queen Amina of our time, fighting through inner psychological and physical battles and conquering them to become the lady, woman and mother you have become today, a fine one at that… I am happy to have joined the movement, you have added a new dimension to my life over the last few months and with this story, i see you through more now and further appreciate you…
    May God bless and keep you,enlarge your territory, your coast,may his hand be upon you in all you do and remove any shame from you.
    I hope to remain with you for as long as possible and keep learning how to be a better person. CHEERS!
    P.S: Hope you are sha ‘terning ap’ with your new hair*winks


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