10 health boosting facts about masturbation, and why it is good for you!

Recently, I received a message from a lady who’s husband has been away from home for a very long time. At the time of his leaving, she had been pregnant and they were not having a lot of sex due to concerns about how it would affect the baby. Her husband travelled before she put to bed, and he hasn’t been back since. The problem now is she misses sex. She started masturbating and she feels terrible about it. She feels depressed and guilty. She has tried keeping busy and all other ways to distract herself from this habit, but she finds her thoughts gong back there as soon as she’s alone. She thought she needed help and so she sent a message. The comments about her dilemma were hilarious to me and so I wrote this post to let people, especially women, know all the reasons why masturbation is great.

This is not to say Masturbation should replace sex, but that it should serve as one of the components to a healthy sex life. That being said, here are a few convincing reasons to indulge in some self love….

 10. Distance is no barrier.

Now this comes in especially handy if you’re single, or in a long-distance relationship. Masturbation is a great way to keep your sexual energy up. Self-loving keeps your reproductive tissues flexible, strong, and healthy. The more solo-sex you have, the more you’ll want because your brain is thinking about sex more often. This is a good thing, not something to feel shame over. This is really helpful for couples who are separated or for the single person who wants to present the best version of them while dating, and separated by distance. To prevent the guilt that tends to follow, it is advisable to keep your partner in the loop. Communicate your feelings and schedule time to make self-love together. When done right it can really keep a couple together. Plus nobody’s cheating.


9. Self-Love for self-confidence.

Women who masturbate regularly are more likely to feel positively about their body. This, unsurprisingly, leads to higher confidence, and a positive upward spiral of self-care. When you know what you need to bring yourself pleasure and orgasm, you strengthen your emotional intelligence and connection to your body. Knowing how your body works, and what you’re capable, regardless of your relationship status, helps you make better decisions and stronger boundaries about dating and mating. When you can bring yourself physical pleasure, you don’t need someone else to validate that you’re sexy. You know it.

Self-love also increases the frequency of achieved orgasms in a single love session. Women who regularly reach orgasm through masturbation find it easier and more readily achieve orgasm during intercourse with their partner.


8. You’ll get a healthy helping of stress relieving hormones.

It’s like giving a much deserved gift to yourself. Taking some much needed alone-time can significantly help reduce stress. Orgasms actually help your body release oxytocin, the hormone credited with feelings of love and bonding. Oxytocin then lowers the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for increased stress levels. Chronically elevated cortisol levels may lead to inflammation, stress-eating, insomnia, and weight loss resistance. In addition, chemicals produced during orgasm can help alleviate feelings of depression, relieving the severity of mental health symptoms.


7. No more sleepless nights. 

As explained above, the mix of hormones released at orgasm, such as dopamine and oxytocin, result in that lovely afterglow that gently soothe you sleep. This can greatly increase functionality that may have been compromised due to chronic insomnia.


6. Reduced food cravings and Great exercise.

Oxytocin levels are usually increased simply through the physical stimulation of the organs of the female reproductive tract, including the clitoris, vagina, cervix, and breasts, therefore, even if orgasm is not attained, the body will still release this powerful hormone. The higher the levels of oxytocin released, the happier the woman feels. Happy, busy, fulfilled and well-adjusted people do not feel the need for those emotion-triggered food cravings for comfort foods and this all helps to keep excess weight away.

Everyone knows sex and orgasm speeds up your heart rate, dilates your blood vessels and tightens your muscles. Best exercise ever! Orgasm helps strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscle. Those world rocking muscle spasms that herald sexual satisfaction are actually your muscles hard at work, resulting in the best feeling exercise you’ve ever had. The hormones released at orgasm combat stress-eating, and weight gain by their effect against the stress of cortisol. There is no reason not to indulge just because you’re alone! You end up feeling great, and being fit!


5. Better systemic health.

Besides being a cure for lonely hearts, masturbation also has some seriously amazing health benefits.

Many studies have shown female masturbation helps build a resistance to coronary heart disease, and regular orgasms can actually lower the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Masturbation and sex relieve cramps. So no more excuse to be unromantic during that time of the month! It’s healthy and is a quick and fun option for pain relief!  Orgasms or even simple sexual arousal can increase blood flow to the brain and reproductive organs, soothing menstrual cramps and headaches.


4. Cancer prevention.

Frequent ejaculation improves sperm quality. This is due to less DNA damage and motility problems with fresh sperm. It also prevents or reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It’s been widely researched that masturbation for men can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, now the same links are being made for female masturbation and cervical cancer. It is said that regular masturbation helps move out any unwanted bacteria or organisms that can cause infection.


3. Fantasize. No pressure!

A recent study revealed that sexy daydreams or fantasies release testosterone in women, which means that when you read erotic fiction, or watch any kind of porn that excites you, your body will begin anticipating encounter. Masturbation allows you to concentrate on your own pleasure without the pressure of satisfying your partner’s needs. It allows you to get to know yourself. It gives you room to practice your fantasies and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t without fear of judgment or reprisals. You may then share your fantasies with your partner or keep them to yourself.


2. It feels good.

Obvious much? It just plain makes you feel good! Masturbation instantly improves mood. The mix of hormones released before, during, and after climax all build up to one giant mood-booster. According to sex therapist and relationship expert Mary Jo Rapini, “Masturbation has been a part of human history as long as we have been human, and…provides many benefits to both the individual and to relationships as well.” Although women don’t talk about it nearly as much as they should and society has made it abnormal that women should touch their bodies sexually or even regard their sexuality at all, men commonly do it with very little shame. I believe the time has come for the women to realize that their sexual desires are just as important as that of the men. Pleasure is gender neutral.


1. No STD, cheating or pregnancy. 

This requires no explanation. Unlike the penis, which is also used for urination, the clitoris has no other function than for sexual arousal and pleasure. Should a woman rely on the man to stimulate it, or is it for her own pleasure?

Leave a comment and let us know! Enjoy!

Just for laughs!
Just for laughs!

3 thoughts on “10 health boosting facts about masturbation, and why it is good for you!

  1. lovely piece…!though I feel like you concentrated on the ladies and left out the guys+I think that there are also lots of disadvantages of self love that you might also have to write about, so that the readers can weigh their options before going into it…cheers!


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