Day 5. Sylvester Edobor. Love is Commitment. 

This is me talking heart to heart with you. I am tired of seeing  broken hearts and shattered dreams everywhere. Love is a promise. It’s a promise you make to a partner to share, to build up, to see all the faults and choose them over and again. We however conveniently forget that a  promise is nothing without commitment. Commitment is that choice you constantly make to put someone else before you. Their needs and welfare become paramount to you and you find happiness in their pleasure, so you choose to make them happy. 
Love doesn’t come easy. Love requires work and effort. It’s not something you just fall into! 

There are a few tips to help us all identify the real thing…. Except you’re dealing with a sociopath or a psychopath who is adept at camoflaguing and pretending. 

  • Pay more attention to a person’s actions more than their words and when actions contradict the words you’re in the wrong place. Someone who is committed to you would not do things to you that will ruin your self-confidence and shatter your self worth. Someone committed to you will make it a primary purpose to spend time with you. Everyone knows love grows with intimacy. 
  • Never allow your emotions take over your thinking. If he hits you for example, why are you still with him?  Someone committed to you will definitely not want you to end up dead. Ignorance and endurance are never the same. 
  • Be honest with yourself. You know when it’s real, or when it’s over Love is not a favor, never beg for it. Never beg for something you will need forever otherwise you will end up a permanent beggar of life. Anything you acquire through begging may require begging to maintain.

One very important part of loving in a mature and healthy way is learning when you let go. This is of course very hard to do when you’re deeply in love. But it’s more painful and miserable to keep holding on when you have to beg and fight for love alone. You can never keep what you don’t have. Pray to GOD about your relationship but never ever use prayers where common sense is required.  Once you realized that a relationSHIP is not taking you anywhere. Don’t be the last person to leave.


One thought on “Day 5. Sylvester Edobor. Love is Commitment. 

  1. In this ‘almost mechanised’ age…an age where technology reigns supreme and social media is the new cool,it feels like most people find it difficult to commit, some see as ‘tying oneself down’,others see it as old school…though I must admit, it’s really difficult in this day and time to stay true to that one person that makes your world go round…so many temptations everywhere


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