Beyoncé’s pregnancy: All the drama so far and lessons learned. 

It’s so beautiful to announce to the world that you’re having bundles of joy during a month infused with love, romance, beauty and all the drama they bring. Even more beautiful than the actual announcement is that the blessing is times two! As a mum, I’m happy for any woman to experience all the joys and pleasure of motherhood. Her post became the most talked about thing everywhere and I couldn’t help getting involved! 

Now since the news broke, I’ve been quietly observing everything (I couldn’t help it. I’m a fan! 😍) and I’ve made quite a lot of conclusions and learned a few more things from all the drama. 

Y’all remember ‘Becky with the good hair’? Remember that whole Rachel Roy drama? I wonder where she is now and I ain’t sorry. Now, here’s to you side pieces and side chicks. What do you think is so special about you that he will leave his plate of Jollof rice for common small chops like you? Why on earth would he leave his delicious fried plantain for your ordinary puff-puff? His savory vegetable soup for bland ketchup? His…… OK I know you get my drift. So now the man you thought loves you and wants you and might leave his wife for you has blessed his madam with twins. I hope you’ve all learned that a married man is a married man. Go find your own main squeeze! Make your own Lemonade. All puns intended. 

Remember Solange and her hitting her brother-in-law Jay-Z? Yeah? For the same infidelity accusations? Fighting for her sister you all said. I wonder how she feels now. She fought for her Beyonce,  while Bey just looked on. I dont know what transpired, but hey…. the twins didn’t magically get in Bey’s uterus now, did they? I learned that married people sort their issues out, and anyone who butts in uninvited will be left with egg on their face. 

Beyonce hid her pregnancy and chose when and how to let us all in her secret. I can just picture the headlines if the paparazzi had broken the story before she shared it with us all. A baby? Beyonce is fat? As we all know, cute baby bumps grow larger everyday, I’m sure she just wanted to enjoy every moment of the experience that she could before people got a look at her baby bump and cranked up the rumor mills. I learned to keep my good news close and savor it. I learned to share my stories on my own terms and own all my news. 

Remember when Bey was pregnant with Blue Ivy? Everybody said her pregnancy was fake. A prop. People said she’d used a surrogate. They said she did it for her career. Like it was anybody’s business! Now she strips naked, and gets herself a fancy schmacy photographer who takes beautiful pictures of her in all her maternity glory so that you can all see she’s actually carrying her baby ‘this time’! Instead of people appreciating it,  and just saying congratulations and moving on, they compare her well thought out shots to Kim Kardashian’s pregnant selfie! I learned you can not please the masses. No matter who you are. I need to just be myself and do my own things without fear of judgement just because I will be judged anyways. 

Now there are people out there saying she chose the kneeling position to represent the inverted pyramid of the Illuminati. Are you kidding me? There are people saying she used a veil to compare herself to Mary the mother of Jesus. Are you kidding me? People saying all those flowers are meant to show her connection to the earth as a fertility goddess? Now you have got to be kidding me! I learned you can’t just do things. No matter what your own meaning or interpretation of that thing is. People will not ask you what it all means, but that wouldn’t stop them from forming very weird conclusions based on possibly schizophrenic assumptions. Do your thing anyways. 

Remember when Blue Ivy was born? People even went so far as to say she was a doll, not a real child. I think we as people need to remember that celebrities are people too! They think and hurt and feel. They have a right to privacy and a right to their lives. 
Finally, as an observer I also have learned that we all need to pick each other up, not tear each other down! What would I gain from putting her down? Especially women, we need to raise each other up and help each other rise. Countless women have been through pregnancies yet fewer encouraging words come from women to women during crises,  than damaging words. Let’s all learn to heal, not kill. 

Anyways, I hope she has as beautiful a time of pregnancy as I did with my son,  and I hope the twins come out well. Congratulations Bey, I’m still a fan. 

Dr Sade. 


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