Vaginal Discharge: 5 Common Causes

This is one of the commonest complaints among women seeking medical care. There is usually a little discharge secreted by the vagina just to keep it moist and this is considered normal,  but excessive discharge is always considered a problem.

1) Some reasons vaginal discharge may be mildly increased and still considered normal with no reason for alarm include these:

When a woman is pregnant.

When a woman is ovulating.

When a woman is sexually excited.

The period just before a women menstruates.

When a woman is using contraceptive pills or IUCD (intra-uterine contraceptive devices).

2) Infections may affect any area of the vagina, even the deeper parts and may cause various problems, including itching, discoloured discharge, pain, sores and fever. Needless to say, it can get very uncomfortable. Some of the commonest micro-monsters cause gonorrhea, candida and chlamydia. A lot of the microorganisms that cause infections are sexually transmitted, while some are picked up by sharing toilets.
3) Inserting things into the vagina is another way to cause it to greatly increase discharge. Things like tampons when not regularly changed may lead to vaginal discharge and even infections.

4) Some illnesses and diseases may directly or indirectly cause increased vaginal discharge. Conditions like diabetes and HIV can cause increased secretions. Excess vaginal discharge can also be a side effect of using antibiotics,  especially when they are abused and not prescribed by a doctor.

5) Bad hygienic practices are also a very common cause of vaginal discharge. The type of underwear worn has also been implicated in the increase of vaginal discharge. Cotton panties are said to be best, with nylon, polyester and other non-absorbing panties increasing heat,  humidity and microorganism growth in the private area. During menstruation, a woman needs to ensure her private area is clean.  However, douching and other such practices are actually more dangerous than helpful. The process may introduce harmful organisms into the vagina and cause infections, or kill off the good microorgansims needed to keep the balance.

Any woman experiencing voluminous discharge needs to see a doctor.  Self medication does way more harm than good,  and that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?  We love to help. Book an appointment with one of our doctors today.


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Dr Sade


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