Stupid Sheeple.

So I was reading through the comments section of a blog I follow and this lady called people who just follow the crowd, allowing themselves to be herded like sheep and refusing to think for themselves sheeple. I found it so apt I couldn’t resist writing about
it. I don’t know if she coined it or whatever, but I’ve never heard the term used before.
The term had me forming a mental picture of human headed sheep being herded into a pen, all the while being nipped at the heels by wolfish hounds, bleeding, confused , stampeding and collapsing against each other.
Suddenly I realized this has to be how politicians think of us….sheeple to herd, sheeple to fleece, sheeple to steal from and use and abuse. The thought had me feeling angry, but what could I do? I’m just a Lagos resident, powerless against a government that celebrates corruption and punishes honesty….or am I?
What I really am, is a Nigerian eligible to vote…and I had almost thrown away my right!
I was privately revolting against this crop of presidential candidates too stupid daft inept proud busy to hold a debate, too old (General Buhari is in his 70s, that’s older than retirement age. See, this is why Yar’adua died in office and we were saddled with Jonathan, but I digress), too corrupt (Oga Jona refused to declare his assets) or just too unknown (who are the candidates from other political parties besides APC and PDP? Wait first, do other parties even exist? Apologies, I digress again).
I had refused to register and collect my voter’s card as none of the available candidates was satisfactory as far as I was concerned. I was planning to just withhold my vote and watch them rig as usual. GMB was the better candidate as far as precedent of actions while in office showed, but I felt he was too old. If he’s as disciplined as I found out he was, couldn’t he have trained someone, or endorse someone or something? Someone just as strong minded, radical, only younger? And Oga Jona has only shown himself stupid malleable weak inept unfit in the past 6years, I wasn’t going to vote him in again!  ( yes I said “again”). I mistakingly voted for the shoeless guy out of pity, thinking he knew what blisters and suffering meant, and he’d prevent it among the people he swore to serve!)
However, in coming across the word Sheeple, my mind’s changed, and tomorrow I’m going to work on getting my card, so I can vote come March 28.
Thus is one good thing about the change in date for the elections, but this is not to say it should be postponed again o!
Please go out en-masse and VOTE!
It’s your civic duty, its your right!


13 thoughts on “Stupid Sheeple.

    1. ‘Goodluck’? Was that pun intended? Lol. On a serious note, it’s very unfortunate, the level of their corruption. Have u seen the picture of an envelope with the PDP logo packed full of dollar bills? They’ve devalued the naira and now its not good enough even to give as bribe. That alone makes me weep. Sad.

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        1. I don’t blame you for not understanding. You would if u were Nigerian though. The current President’s name is Goodluck Jonathan. U wished me good luck in d beginning of your comment. Goodluck Jonathan is d presidential candidate no one wants, at least not me. So I thought u were joking. Turned out you were unintentionally funny.

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