Day 6... You know, the thing about resuming a new job or starting a new project is the ‘initial gra gra’, IGG as some people call it. So you start and there is burning desire to impress, to ‘show yourself’, to earn the trust of your colleagues. So you come to work early, put on … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (6)



Day 5... ‘It’s a beautiful evening to save lives’. This was going on in my mind as I left for work this evening. Yes na! I am saving lives, amn't I? looool. As I sat in traffic (as usual), I couldn’t help but think about my experiences so far, ‘not bad so far’ I thought, … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (5)


Day 4… ‘I am so late!’ I muttered as i walked briskly to the bus-stop to board 'keke'. Sadly, I wasn’t so lucky today. Unlike other days when I would always be the last person to board the popular tricycle, I was the first today. After waiting for 20 minutes for it to get filled … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (4)


DAY 3... It's fast becoming a routine you know, I lazy around during the day (at least for now) and get ready for evening movement, and with the evening traffic, it seems like I now have a constant resumption time; 5.45pm. So I got in, exchanged pleasantries and headed for my office. I am fast … Continue reading LOCUM DIARIES (3)


Day 2... I headed to the bus-stop to enter 'keke', ‘It is another day’ I thought. As expected, traffic was just crazy and a journey of 20 minutes gradually turned into 40. As I sat in the rickety tricycle, I started thinking, ‘how today go be na’? ‘God abeg, give me something light’. I finally … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES (2)


DAY 1… I started locum today, evening shift. I was chilling, feeling my 'doctor' self and enjoying the respect of all when a woman rushed in with her 18 month old son wailing about her son and how they are following him from yonder... 'Calm down ma, what's the problem’? After trying and succeeding in … Continue reading THE LOCUM DIARIES

Back with a BANGDADADANG!!!

Hello people! Its been ages and we are so so sorry we left you... Trust me when i say it was for the greater good of all, we had to take some steps back, review, evaluate and look at ways of giving you better and more enriching content. Thankfully, we are back! First on a … Continue reading Back with a BANGDADADANG!!!

4 Awesome Tips To Help You Leave A Toxic Relationship

You’ll know if you’re in a toxic relationship. Don’t lie to yourself. You’ll feel it. Trust your soul. If you still don’t know if you’re in a toxic relationship, let’s meet and talk and we’ll find out. That being said, how to get out?? Tip 1: Determine to get out. This is half the battle, … Continue reading 4 Awesome Tips To Help You Leave A Toxic Relationship

For only those who can read. 

Muslims should stop with the extremely lazy excuse of  "Terrorist are not Muslims" and mobilize to stop and flush such elements out of the religion and deemphasize their teachings on radical verses of the Quran! The author of this email is Dr. Emanuel Tanya, a well-known and well-respected psychiatrist--a man, whose family was German aristocracy … Continue reading For only those who can read. 


She doesn't still recollect that we have met before. Maybe after this brief intro,the memories of that day would become clear in her head. I was one of the executives of the student union government (SUG) in the medical school. Yes, i know what is running through your mind, 'the ALUTA people', well, to put your judgmental … Continue reading THE MOVING TRAIN…